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In the City of Chiquimula, Guatemala, there apeared an enormous sign which announces the Day of the Judgement on the 21st of May year 2011. This is, of course, a HERESY. Everyone who has announced dates for the Judgement or the Second Coming of Christ, HAVE FAILED, beginning with the sabatics, in 1844 and 1848, Russellists, in 1914 and 1918, plus the many ones who anounced it for 1993 and the scandal of the computers in the year 2000.

Now, also, this announcement for the 21st of May 2011, WILL  HAVE TO MISS, because it opposes the clear teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and His Apostles. Of course, we know that the Second Comming of our Lord Jesus Christ, is very near, because, almost all prophecies have been fulfiled, and He may come before or after the announced date.

Maranatha= Christ is comming.

Jesus' disciples asked Him, in Acts 1:6: "Lord, shalt thou restore the kingdom of Israel in this time?"  And Jesus answered, on verse 7: "IT IS NOT UP TO YOU TO KNOW ABOUT THE TIMES AND SEASONS THE FATHER HAS PUT ON HIS SOLE POTESTY." Our Lord Jesus also said, in Luke 12:40: "Ye therefore be prepared, for AT THE HOUR THOU THINKEST NOT, the Son of man shalt come." Jesus said moreover, in Mathews 24:36: "Heither THE DAY AND HOUR NO ONE KNOWETH, not even the angels of the heavens, BUT MY FATHER ALONE." There are several other Scriptures abo it, but it is NOT necesary to mention anymore, because it is enough with these we have mentioned already. This means that, on any date that someone should mention, HE WON'T COME, but on the date the Father alone has determined through His only potesty.

Of course, we all need to be prepared all the time, because, Jesus may come on any moment, except on the dates announced previously. Sorry, the masses of modern believers ARE NOT PREPARED, because, they have rejected the life of holiness, and have delievered themselves to wordly lives, full of vanity and unmodest fashions, full of worldly music (with name of Christian) and many other sins. It is importante that you don't let yourself be carried by the Christendom modern masses, but you should humble yourself before the powerful hand of God and obey Him with your heart with a pure and holy life.

Christ is coming to ask you to render your account on a just judgement, and you should be prepered.

God bless you and keep you in the true faith.

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Dr. Édgar Amílcar Madrid

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Rótulo aparecido en Chiquimula, Guatemala, en la 3 calle entre 5 y 6 avenidas, zona 1. que contiene una herejía sobre el Día del