“Citrol”, a fuel from renewal resources. “Multiligual Mutephone”, and electronic devise for the mute to talk almost normally, through a syllabus. “Multilinguistic Interpreter”, an electronic devise which allows to talk several languages without knowing them. “Very Low Cost Linguistic Laboratory”, for many people simultaneously. “Trouble Detector and Instantaneous Repair for Linguistic Laboratories”. It makes possible to detect troubles in any components and repairs them instantaneously. “Vital Detector” for hospitals. It helps the residential physician of a hospital to detect instantly the health status of his grave patients from the residential clinic, so that he can hurry to help the one who is in danger of death. It saves lives! “Musical Rod”. It is a tube upon a basis with tuned strings and an audio amplifier, with which you can imitate the sounds of seven well known musical instruments: Banjo, violin, violin pizzicato, guitar, mandolin, transversal flute and its own sound. “Register with Master and Sub Master keys”. It permits to have many keys with an individual register, several sub master keys and one general master key. It prevents the bothering of handling very many keys. “Double Entry Key Register”. It allows to add safety to the alarm systems. “Didactic Screen”. It is a box of 2” X 2” with 9 luminous cells, which allows to exhibit translucent images for presenting conferences, classes, narration of illustrated tales, seminary presentations, etc. Images need no focusing at all. “Autoenergetic Telephone”. It is a telephone which does not need any energy fount, like electricity, bateries, etc., and it may be used fro regular distances. It generates its own energy. “Melodic Tier” for electronic organs. It produces beautiful extremely tied melodies. “Hidraulic Nivelimeter” [hydraulic level meter]. It is a devise with two glass plates placed one against the other with a little space in between, filled with some slightly colored liquid, and it shows the true level on which an automobile is when running by the mountains, in order to avoid the deceit of relativity. “Mechanical Nivelimeter” [mechanical level meter]. It is similar to the “Hydraulic Nivelimeter”, except that it is constructed mechanically through levers. Many other lesser inventions