Sergio Joseph Spino

Sergio Joseph Spino Gregory was born at Chiquimula, Guatemala on June 2nd. year 1997. Age: 15. His parents are: Sergio Armand Spino Sosa y Brenda Gemima Gregorio Henriquez. He is a very distinguished 2º Grade Elementary School student, flag honored all times. He started singing from his first infancy by imitating the hymns heard at the Educational and Evangelical Station “Radio Truth”. On the 24th of November year 2004, at the age of six, he obtained the First Place in the Contest of singing hymns of the “Life and Heart” songbook, organized by the Theological “Friends” Seminary “Berea” of Chiquimula. He has studied some piano and voice at the Quaker Theological Seminary of Chiquimula, and his fist artistic success was the presentation of his first compact disc “You Will Have to Be Born Again”, before the Central Holiness Friends Church of Chiquimula, on the 8th of April year 2006, on which Sergio Joseph sings and Dr. Edgar Amilcar Madrid plays the piano.

On October year 2011, he presented his 2nd disk "The Best Friend", also at the Holiness "Friends" Church of Chiquimula, Guatemala, which hymns are presented at the end. Moreover, he has a third disk almost ready to publish.

In two of his disks, he is been accompanied by the great pianist Dr. Édgar Amílcar Madrid, Rector of the Quaker Theological Seminary, of Chiquimula, Guatemala, C. A.

Sergio Joseph has honored us very much, because he sings only genuine evangelical hymns in Spanish.

Our greetings to Sergio Joseph, and we invite our readers to enjoy the beautiful hymns from his discs “You Will Have to Be Born Again”, and "The Best Friend", though making click on the links of the attachments which we have provided further down.
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Sergio Joseph Spino singing, and Edgar Madrid playing.
Sergio Joseph Spino, I
Sergio Joseph Spino, II