"CRAW-FISH" -Child Painting

Title: "Craw-Fish"

Author: Samuelito Armando Espino Gregorio

Age: 5 years old

Téchnique: Tempera and Small Brush Over Canvas

Date: February 3rd, 2012.


It was painted with tempera and a small brush immediately after receiving the canvas board, small brush and paints as a birthday gift, granted by Dr. Edgar Amílcar Madrid, Manager and Director of the Educational and Evamngelical Station "Radio Truth".


Samuelito was born on the 24th of January, year 2007, and has been restless. Now, when he has become 5, he started Prekinder at the "Friends" Evangelical School, at Chiquimula, Guatemala, C. A. He is very emotioned at schooling. Eventhough he had already drawn several strokes on some walls of his house, the drawing "Craw-Fish" constitutes his first notable painting. Samuelito is a brother to Sergio José Espino Gregorio, who has been distinguished through his very spiritual hymns, since 7 through 14 years old. We hope Samuelito will become a great painter.



CANGREJO, Pintura Infantil, enero 2012
Samuelito Armando Espino Sosa