We are here presenting on the attachment the Text "Griego Fácil" or "Easy Greek". Everybody thinks that the Greek language is extremely difficult; they study it, but never learn it. You will realize on this text that the Greek language has become easy. How come? Dr. Edgar Amilcar Madrid, the author, has omitted from this text all rules which are difficult to learn, and that make no difference in the meaning of the sentences, such as the accent rules, which are mostly phonetic marks. On the other hand, he has included in this text all gramatical rules which are easy to learn and very useful and significant for the language.

All necesary instructions are included in the text, for you to learn Greek without a teacher. Just discipline yourself and do all studying and excercising which are provided, and you will see.  Greek is easy!

From Earlham University, Indiana, United States, they came to investigate about this "Easy Greek Method", and they were marveled about it.

We have provided a "Diccionario Griego-Inglés-Español" or "Greek-English-Spanish Diccionary", by the same author, on this same Web Site, which will be very useful for your learning.

This method can be used by Spanish or English speaking people. It was elaborated to be used in both languages.

Forward! Do open the attachment and learn Greek of the New Testament right now.

The Author,

Édgar Amílcar Madrid

Doctor in Philosophic Theology

Quaker Theological Seminary

Chiquimula, Guatemala, C. A.


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Texto para aprender Griego neotestamentario en forma fácil.